Research Alerts are a monthly digest of the latest, and best, sports science research.

Our dedicated team of experts find and digest the latest, and best, sports science research, and then send it directly to your inbox each month in beautifully designed and easy-to-read PDF document.

Topics include: Strength & Conditioning, Technology & Monitoring, Fatigue & Recovery, Youths, Nutrition and Team Sports.

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Brett Bartholomew

Brett Bartholomew MS. Ed., CSCS, RSCC – Bartholomew Strength – Coaching & Consulting

“Simple, salient and swallowable. These Research Alerts help cut down on the anxiety of wondering whether or not there is important research that you have missed or are unaware of, and maximizes efficiency by cutting to the key points. Knowledge becomes wisdom only when it’s applied, and this allows me to apply new research more quickly and effectively.”

Dr. Anthony Turner PhD, PGCE, CSCS*D, ASCC – Programme Leader for the MSc in Strength and Conditioning at Middlesex University, UK.

“The Science for Sport website and associated resources provide an excellent means to stay current within the field of sport science and strength and conditioning. In addition to their blogs and collection of videos and podcasts, their Research Alerts provides easy to read highlights of the latest and most talked about journal articles, identifying practical take home messages that can then be applied at work. I certainly recommend you check out their work if you haven’t done so already – they’ve done a great job bringing everything together onto one website.”

Ryan Cotter

Ryan Cotter MSc CSCS – S&C Coach at the New York Red Bulls

“I am a big fan of the Science for Sport Research Alerts. Having the most pertinent and up to date research delivered to my inbox on a monthly basis is both convenient and time saving. The additional insight and commentary from the Science for Sport staff is a huge bonus as well. I cannot think of a more beneficial way to spend $6/month.”

Robert Palka CSCS MSc Student in Strength and Conditioning – S&C Coach, Lecturer and Consultant

“As a coach, I need to be sure our training is based on the best current science and evidence, and not outdated ideas or tradition. Though with only 24 hours in a day, it can be difficult to stay abreast of everything. Science for Sport has been a key go-to page for me when looking for well researched information on a variety of S&C topics. And now with the Research Alerts and its well presented, easy to read and digest reviews of the latest evidence, it will be even easier to stay on top. Joining the list is a real no-brainer choice for any coach who wants to stay current. Makes no sense not to join.”


Damian Harper CSci, ASCC, MSc, FHEA – Senior Lecturer, School of Sport, York St John University

“Research Alerts brings together an informative review of the latest and most influential research across a range of hot topics in the areas of science in sport, including coverage of the most influential research impacting on team sports performance. This review will clearly help to keep you informed of the latest and most influential work impacting practitioners in the field. All research papers have been carefully selected and interpreted by a range of experts in each chosen topic area – this adds extra insight and critique to help you understand the key takeaways that could be potentially implemented in daily practice. Clearly a useful resource for all those working to enhance their own knowledge and advance practices within science in sport”.

Samuel Bowhay BSc – Conditioning Coach at Chelsea Football Club

As a frequent user of the Science for Sport website, I was delighted to hear about the new monthly Research Alerts. My role as a conditioning coach in academy football can prove to be very hectic. Keeping up with the latest research can be challenging, therefore, the summary’s provided from the alerts help me to dissect more information quicker and ensure my practice is up to date.”

Sam Bowhay

Stephen McKnight – BSc Sports Science Student at St Mary’s University, UK.

“As a Sports Science student I am always looking to enhance my knowledge outside of the classroom. Personally, I find the Science for Sport Research Alerts a fantastic addition to my studies and keeps me a step ahead of my peers. I feel with the help of Science for Sports Research Alerts, closing the gap between my studies and my future career is made a lot easier.”