Dean Norris Science for Sport

“I have a passion for trying to make informed decisions in a field that spends much of its time in the grey area.”

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Strength & Power Coach (Australian Rules Football)

Dean is a strength and power coach at the GWS Giants in Sydney, Australia as well as a PhD candidate at Western Sydney University where he is investigating the influence of strength qualities on recovery of neuromuscular function.

Services provided

  • Programme Support
  • Load Monitoring, Fatigue, and Recovery
  • Sport-Specific Support
Areas of Expertise

Dean’s major areas of expertise are:

  1. Australian Rules Football – strength and conditioning and sports science
  2. Neuromuscular Function & Recovery – strategies to optimise neuromuscular function & recovery
  3. Strength & Power Development – gym- and field-based programming to maximise athletic potential

My skillset encompasses those above, so I am happy to provide you with support ranging anywhere from what, and how, to implement effective strength and conditioning services in Aussie Rules Football, to testing and monitoring neuromuscular fatigue on a daily basis to track player readiness and fatigue.




Unfortunately, due to high-demand, Dean is not currently taking on any more clients.