9 Critical Buy-in mistakes

Presented by buy-in expert Brett Bartholomew, he runs through 9 mistakes to avoid when building trust and buy-in.

Time management mastery

This ebook will teach you how to manage your time more effectively with 5 actionable tips.

The Buy-In cheatsheet

This ebook will teach you how to triple your Buy-in from athletes, coaches and parents without damaging your relationships.


The Search Function

This function gives you the ability to search through every past issue of The Performance Digest for a topic of your choice.

Crane Scale - How-to Guide

Crane Scale – Ultimate How-to Guide

This ebook teaches you everything you need to know about the crane scale, how to use it, and even provides normative data.

S&C Networking Planner

S&C Networking Planner

This ebook forms part of the “S&C Networking Guide” and is designed to give you a bullet-proof networking plan.

S&C Networking Guide

S&C Networking Guide

Proven tips to build your network: Learn how to mix it with the best in the industry.

Money Management Mastery

Money Management Mastery

Build financial intelligence: Money tips every coach needs to know to turn their passion into a career.

The Ultimate Guide to Landing your Dream S&C Job

The Ultimate Guide to Landing Your Dream S&C Job

This ebook is built specifically for you members to help you get the dream job you’ve always wanted.

Isometric Mid-Thigh Pull (IMTP) - Science for Sport

IMTP Test Performance Recording Sheet

This tool allows you to easily store the data captured from the IMTP test so that you can quickly see what athletes achieved what.

Brett Bartholomew - Periodization for People

Periodization for People – Brett Bartholomew

This lecture explores the roles of archetypes, influence tactics, and relevant research encompassing human behavior, psychology, conflict and its impact on performance.

Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) - Science for Sport - Performance Testing

BIA Testing Guidelines

These testing guidelines will help you standardise your BIA testing and minimise the likelihood of error.

Landing Error Scoring System (LESS) - Performance Recording Sheet

LESS Performance Recording Sheet

This tool provides all the necessary information and automatically calculates their LESS score for you; saving you time and effort.

Monitoring Growth - Science for Sport

Growth Monitoring Calculator

This straightforward tool will allow you to collect and monitor your athletes’ growth over a long period of time, enabling you to determine whether they’re “on-track” or experiencing abnormal growth patterns.

MAS Calculator - Science for Sport

Maximal Aerobic Speed Calculator

This simple and easy-to-use calculator will allow you to test, measure and prescribe training intensities and volumes based on your athletes’ individual aerobic power.

Peak Height Velocity (PHV) - Science for Sport

Maturity Offset Calculator

This easy-to-use toolkit will enable you to predict your athletes’ maturity status and identify how far they are from Peak Height Velocity.

PWV - Science for Sport

Peak Weight Velocity Calculator

This spreadsheet is designed to help you monitor the longitudinal weight changes of your athletes so that you can identify when they’re undergoing the greatest increase in weight (i.e. peak weight velocity).

ACWR Spreadsheet - Science for Sport

ACWR Spreadsheet

This Acute:Chronic Workload Ratio monitoring tool will allow you to begin recording and monitoring the workloads of your athletes.

Coaching Cues - Science for Sport

Coaching Cues

Improve your understanding of the various types of cues which can be used for each exercise.

MSLHST - Science for Sport

MSLHST Performance Recording Sheet

Multiple Single-Leg Hop-Stabilization Test (MSLHST) Performance Sheet now and begin testing your athletes and tracking their scores. Armed with this data, you’ll be able to optimise their training and injury-prevention programme.

Beep Test Audio - Science for Sport

Beep Test Audio

This is an MP3 file of the traditional 20m shuttle test; otherwise known as the Multistage Fitness test, Beep test, and the Bleep test.

Hydration - Science for Sport

Hydration Testing Sheet

Developed using urinary indices, you can pin it to the wall in your athletes’ changing rooms to help them self-determine if they’re sufficiently hydrated or not.

SWC - Science for Sport

Smallest Worth Change Calculator

This SWC calculator will help you improve your fitness testing rigour. Understanding and computing the SWC will also ensure you’re getting reliable and realistic benchmarks for your athletes to aim for.

FVT - Science for Sport

FVT Exercise Guide

The FVT exercise guide which will help you understand the force-vector theory and what exercises may be put into certain categories.

BB - Science for Sport

Bio-Banding Calculator

This Bio-Banding calculator will allow you to start grouping your athletes based on their current maturity status (we’ve done all the complex mathematical calculations for you).