William Vickery Science for Sport

“My interest in both cricket and coaching began from a very early age which has allowed me to gain extensive knowledge and experience in both areas.”

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Sports Coaching Lecturer

Will is a Lecturer of Sport Coaching at the University of Northumbria: Newcastle Upon Tyne. Prior to this he has worked with Cricket NSW and Cricket Australia in an array of roles ranging from a sport scientist, development coach and a strength and conditioning coach.

Services provided

  • Coaching Science
  • Load Monitoring, Fatigue, and Recovery
  • Career Support
Areas of Expertise

Will’s major areas of expertise are:

  1. Coaching/Coaching Science Support – evidence-based advice and support for improving your coaching skills
  2. GPS Technology Support – help and assistance for interpreting GPS data and making it actionable
  3. Practice Design Support – optimise your session design, content, and delivery to maximise performance

I am more than happy to provide support in the areas listed above, specifically that related to how to use evidence-based coaching to improve your athletes’ performance as well as your own, how to monitor and interpret this performance as well as how to effectively design practice sessions.



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