Lachlan Wilmot Science for Sport

“I have a passion for giving my energy to the success of my athletes. In our field, we are all assistants to the head coach to build them the best athletes for what they are needed for.”

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Senior Athletic Performance Coach (Australian Rules Football)

Lachlan is currently working as the senior athletic performance coach at the GWS Giants. He has been with the Giants for 7 years and has bachelor in Exercise and Sport Science and Masters in High-Performance Sport.

Services provided

  • Performance Reviews
  • Programme Support
  • Professional Development
Areas of Expertise

Lachlan’s major areas of expertise are:

  1. Australian Rules Football– strength and conditioning and sports science
  2. Strength & Power Development – gym- and field-based programming to maximise athletic potential
  3. Hamstring Injuries – holistic hamstring development to prevent injury


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