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"The Performance Digest allows me to apply new research more quickly and effectively.”

Brett Bartholomew

S&C Coach, Author, Consultant - Bartholomew Strength

More than 1,000 new and relevant industry studies are published every month.

Whether you’re at the top of your field or an aspiring exercise science student, keeping on top of the latest research findings and applications is crucial to accelerating your career and personal branding.

All too often we see the general public, media, and even ATHLETES mix the role of a basic Personal Trainer (PT) with a strength and conditioning coach or a high-performance manager (eugh). How many athletes have you seen promoting "altitude" masks?

What sets us apart is that we devote our lives to developing an athlete’s potential. We TRAIN athletes for performance, rather than EXERCISE them for energy consumption.

We stimulate athletes with minimum-effective dose. We recover athletes. We motivate them. We prepare them for success.

But there’s a problem…

Everybody seems to have an exercise science degree nowadays. There are a lot more qualified professionals than there are jobs in the industry.

So, what happens?

The best professionals enter into their dream jobs: elite sport, exercise physiologist, private practice. They live the dream of training athletes for excellence.

Where does the overflow of exercise scientists go? Where do the “Ps get degrees” people go?

To the gym; to personal training; to exercising.

A simple university degree does not give us the right to call ourselves performance coaches. Only through continued learning, including a mix of constant personal and professional development allows us to achieve such a feat.  

The only thing which separates elite sport and personal training is your drive, your passion, and your commitment to being the best you can be.

You are in full control of your career. Your mind is your greatest asset. Your personality is your greatest skill. Combining theoretical knowledge with practical application is the only way to separate yourself from the rest. It is the only way to get to the top.

So, what are my options?

One of three things will happen:

1. You rely on misleading headlines, arm chair experts, and old school professionals with their outdated techniques. You’ll get started in the industry and figure you can “fake it ‘til you make it”. You’ll make the odd buck here and there, living pay check to pay check, but never build financial security or a legacy to be proud of.

2. You spend hours upon hours searching the internet, PubMed, EBSCO Host, and Google Scholar attempting to keep up-to-date with the latest research. You’ll become a fantastic academic, but a lousy coach. Knowledge isn’t the key to coaching, application is. Knowledge is the vehicle to allow you to reach coaching status.

3. You invest in yourself by investing in us and save yourself the time, inconvenience, and cost of keeping updated.


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Invest in myself?

Yep, yourself (with a little help from us). We’re Science for Sport, and we produce the Performance Digest.

The Performance Digest is the one-stop shop for critically analysed sport science research. 

Every month, our industry professionals scour hundred of journals and thousands of articles for new and relevant research. We read, critique, and summarise each paper to save you time and effort.

We cover the latest in the science of coaching, technology and monitoring, strength and conditioning, fatigue and monitoring, youth development, and nutrition.

We break each article into a one-page summary outlining the study’s objectives, methods, findings, and practical applications. We do the hours of grunt work so you can cut straight to the chase. We provide reliable knowledge on a silver platter so you can get back to what matters most: getting athlete results!

We devote our lives to lifting industry standards. We believe in quality expertise; in earning your status. If you’ve just finished your 12 week online PT course and have stumbled across this page, ask yourself this: Did your course really provide you with the knowledge and application required to train anyone to achieve their fitness goals? If you said 'yes', this isn’t for you. Don't degrade our profession by thinking a basic online course gives you the right to train athletes. If you legitimately want to help people, you will recognise the need for further education and importance of developing your skill set beyond the 'basic'. The Performance Digest is the answer.

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Who’s the Performance Digest for?

This is for experts. This is for strength and conditioning coaches. This is for exercise and sport scientists. This is for High Performance Managers. This is for students aspiring for excellence. This is for the keen enthusiast who wants to use proven methods to reach success. This is for current and aspiring INDUSTRY PROFESSIONALS who recognise that knowledge is power, and are looking to get ahead of the competition.

There are two types of people reading this…

Those who scroll through, half contemplate the idea, don’t take continued learning seriously, think that they’re “at the top” because they work full-time at the local health club, and are set in the traditional training modalities; still prescribing fancy one-legged bosu ball lunges over core squats and deadlifts. We won’t waste our breath trying to convert you.

And then there are the action-takers. The aspiring professionals who genuinely want to train athletes for excellence (and get paid well for their skills). Those who recognise the pathetic standard of the industry and want to fight back and rise above. Those who understand the phenomenal gap between a PT and a university degree. Those who want to hit the ground running, earn the right to call themselves an elite professional, and recognise that continued learning is the vehicle to separate themselves from the herd.

If you’re in the latter, we want you to join our community; the elite 1% of professionals destined to succeed.

If you want (need) to learn and keep updated with the latest cutting-edge sport science research, but don’t have thousands of hours, energy (and dollars!) to sift through academic journals, critically analyse, summarise findings, and recognise the practical implications relevant to you and your athletes, then the Performance Digest is for you. If you want to learn from and network with experts from all over the world, our online community is right for you.

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