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“I am very passionate about bridging the gap between rehab and performance, and my education and experience as both a physio and a S&C coach has taught me how to do this very effectively.”

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Strength & Conditioning Coach (Rugby 7s)

Tim is the Head Strength and Conditioning Coach at the Sydney Rays Women’s Rugby Sevens Team, and has assisted previously at the Australian Rugby Sevens. He has a Bachelor of Physiotherapy (1st Class Honours), Master of High Performance Sport and ASCA Level 2.

Services provided

  • Rehabilitation/Return to Play
  • Programme Support
  • Nutritional Guidance
Areas of Expertise

Tim’s major areas of expertise are:

  1. Body Composition Management – evidence-based and results proven support for increasing muscle gain and fat loss
  2. Late Stage Rehabilitation/Return to Play – holistic support to optimise RTP and prevent re-injury
  3. Strength & Power Training for Contact Sports – gym- and field-based programming to maximise athletic potential

My skillset lies across a broad range of areas. In terms of body composition management, I can provide advice on training and nutritional strategies to maximise muscle hypertrophy and fat loss. I can also provide advice on late stage rehabilitation and return to play testing to ensure the athlete is ready to perform in their sport and that their risk of re-injury is minimised. Finally, I can provide advice on how to maximise strength and power for field-based contact sports such as rugby union, rugby league and AFL.



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