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S&C for Goalkeepers

This goalkeeper strength & conditioning training programme has been created to show you how professional goalkeepers train during the season to perform at the very highest level.

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What is S&C for goalkeepers?

Amongst other movements, goalkeepers need to be able to jump and move powerfully and quickly both in a linear direction (i.e. forwards and backwards) and in a lateral direction (i.e. side to side). As goalkeepers need to be able to move quickly and powerfully, their training regime must also include strength & power development rather than focusing purely on technical skill development.

S&C for goalkeepers should therefore be heavily focused on short-distance acceleration-based speed training (i.e. 5m accelerations) and short-distance lateral change of direction. However, elements of longer distance sprints (>10m) should not be neglected.

Training should also be predominantly unilateral. It is believed that unilateral training (training that involves one side of the body) is more effective than bilateral training (involving both sides of the body) in improving physical performance variables such as single-leg maximal strength, acceleration and change of direction speed.

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What are the physical demands of goalkeepers?

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