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Basic movement patterns

Basic Movement Patterns

Owen Walker

Basic exercise movement patterns are exercise classifications that are the foundations of exercise selection.

Force-Time Characteristics of the Countermovement Jump

Countermovement Jump (CMJ)

Owen Walker

The countermovement jump (CMJ) is a simple, practical, valid, and very reliable measure of lower-body power.

wingate test

Wingate Anaerobic Test

Owen Walker

The Wingate Anaerobic Test has been repeatedly proven to be a valid and reliable predictor of anaerobic capacity and power.

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Zone Two Cardio: THE TRUTH!

Eric Curry

In this weeks sports science news, zone two cardio, mouth rinsing may improve RDLs, new sports in the Olympics?

Best Slant Board

Experts Find The Best Slant Boards (2024)

James de Lacey

Slant boards offer a low cost and efficient way to reduce ankle mobility limitations when squatting and to emphasize the quads. Unfortunately, even equipment as simple as this must be chosen carefully among the many options on the market. It’s why I’ve curated this list of my favorite slant boards. Best Slant Board SHOGUN – … Read more

Are Elite Runners Fuelling Properly?

Eric Curry

In this weeks sports science news, are elite runners fuelling properly? do boxing gloves protect the thumb? an 11-year old sport superstar?