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Major news outlets like the BBC, Fox News, ABC, etc. don’t discuss the latest happenings in our industry. So, where do you find out what’s happening in the world of sports science? 🤔

No doubt you find the odd bit here and there when a co-worker has told you about something or when you’re scrolling social media. But the information you stumble across is limited to your network and who you follow.

….Here’s where SFS Weekly enters the chat 💬

We love sports science, and we love being ‘in the know” of the latest tech, industry problems, events, trends, and ‘hot topic’ discussions. Our team of sports scientists is always on the hunt for the big things which impact our industry and our jobs. They search far and wide and then filter through the noise to consolidate everything you need to know in one, quick-to-read weekly newsletter… SFS Weekly ✉️

Our mission is to keep you at the forefront of sports science. And to sprinkle in some humour as well, because life’s too short to be professional and serious 24/7 – we’re all human after all 😁

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