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Latest Articles

The Truth About Protein!

Eric Curry

In this weeks sports science news, common protein misconceptions, recommending S&C as a career?, hip activation for agility

Best Deadlift Bar

Hit New PRs With The Best Deadlift Bars (2024)

James de Lacey

A deadlift bar is only necessary for two purposes: If you don’t satisfy any of these criteria, a Powerlifting barbell (our budget pick, for instance) will serve you best. If you meet the above criteria, here is our curated list of the top-rated deadlift bars for pulling big numbers. Best Deadlift Bar REP Hades Deadlift … Read more

Best Tib Bars

Best Tib Bars (2024): Single & Double Leg Options

James de Lacey

Tib bars are relatively new and not well-known pieces of gym equipment, but if you are into team sports like football, basketball, volleyball, or rugby, this simple device may hide the key to better performance and fewer knee and ankle injuries. A tib bar’s task is simple: It allows you to do weighted tib raises … Read more

Best Trap Bar

These Are The Best Open & Closed Trap Bars In 2024

James de Lacey

Not so long ago, trap bars were found only in commercial gyms and used mostly by athletes who needed to deadlift but wanted to avoid the extra back strain. With the appearance of open trap bars and decent budget hex bars, they have become much more common in home gyms. But having more options available … Read more

Improve Your Sleep Game!

Eric Curry

In this weeks sports science news, sleep protocols, the power of body language, is MyJump2 accurate on a sand surface?

Relative Energy Deficiency in Sports

Eric Curry

In this weeks sports science news, RED-S, bumper vs iron weight plates, and eccentric strength training “cheat sheet”

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