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Latest Articles

Relative Energy Deficiency in Sports

Eric Curry

In this weeks sports science news, RED-S, bumper vs iron weight plates, and eccentric strength training “cheat sheet”

Best Weightlifting Shoes

We Tested The Best Weightlifting Shoes In 2024 (Olympic Lifting, Squats, & More)

James de Lacey

Do you need weightlifting shoes? Not necessarily. But if you are serious about hitting new PRs or competing in Olympic Weightlifting, you need Weightlifting shoes. I’ve been a National level competitive Weightlifter, and my wife is an International medalist, having competed in Olympic Weightlifting at the elite level for 20 years. Safe to say, we’ve … Read more

Best Squat Rack

We Tested The Best Home Gym Squat Racks (2024): Budget, & More

James de Lacey

The squat rack is one of three pieces of gym equipment you should never skimp on. The other two are quality barbells and bumper plates (if you’re Weightlifting). But finding the right power rack to fit into your home gym space can be a menace. I’ve done it. So, I understand the pain points of … Read more

Strength Training

Jess Fassnidge

Strength training increases muscle mass, bone density, and joint stability, whilst reducing the disease development. Read on to explore how.

Best Boxing Shoes

Best Boxing Shoes (2024): Budget, Wide Feet, & More

James de Lacey

Boxing may seem like a game of punches to the uninitiated, but a major part of the game happens closer to the canvas. Footwork is the ability to control the distance, spacing, and angle between you and the opponent, which often decides the fight’s outcome. Agile footwork and power generation also require optimal contact with … Read more

Best Punching Bags

We Tested The Best Heavy Punching Bags (2024): Home Gym, Beginners, & Freestanding

James de Lacey

For any martial artist, the heavy bag is an indispensable tool. All forms of martial arts make constant use of punching bags. They are an essential component of every fitness center and an appealing feature of any home gym. But choosing the best heavy bag for your needs is not always easy. What if your … Read more

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