• Shane Owen

    Great idea with the newsletter!! As a P.E. teacher and Head of Year, being able to engage our students and teachers with current things happening within the sporting world is so important, and this newsletter helps me do just that! Thanks

  • Alistair Wallace

    SFS Weekly is absolutely gold! It’s such a quick and easy read which I feel keeps me clued into exciting things happening in our little world of sports science. It makes for a great 5-minute morning read when I arrive at work.

  • Sam Guy

    As a S&C coach and business owner who works with youth athletes, I love reading SFS Weekly because it keeps me on top of things in the industry, and maybe more importantly, provides me with things I can share with my athletes.

  • Michael Richards

    “Before Science for Sport, trying to stay up-to-date with the latest sports science research was a stressful ordeal. Now, I have access to research that’s reviewed by a panel of industry experts, who quickly teach me how to practically apply these findings straight away.

    Relieved and filled with confidence, I now spend less time pouring through Google and more time on the things that matter, such as acquiring more clients and educating myself.”

  • John Cheetham

    “I used to use various methods of keeping up-to-date with studies, such as word of mouth and internet discussions. This became a hodgepodge of information for me…

    Since subscribing to Science for Sport, I’m now a more educated and well-rounded coach. It’s allowed me to free up some time that I now use to write a weekly email to my athletes. I include reviews from The Digest, and I’m able to cite every study referenced.

    The result? More trust and more buy-in from my athletes!”

  • Harry Short

    “I’d get so frustrated trying to stay up-to-date before my Science for Sport membership. I’d often find myself reading through something only to find that it was a complete load of rubbish copied off some fitness lifestyle website!

    Now, I actually find myself excited to stay up-to-date. Everything is so easy to read and gives further details on where to continue reading about a certain topic. I’ve also saved a tonne of money on books and other research material!”

  • Rafael Dias

    “Before Science for Sport, I’d use resources such as Pubmed to stay up-to-date. This proved to be time-consuming; I’d never have enough time to find the research I was looking for.

    Now, I’m presented with research that’s not only of better quality, but it’s also much more relevant. I now have more time for family, hobbies and planning new ideas to become a better coach.

    Plus, the Buy-in from my athletes is now excellent! Before Science for Sport, I could sense that my athletes struggled to engage with training sessions.

    Now, I can confidently explain why we do what we do, and how it will benefit them. They’re are more engaged, more understanding, and trust me more as a coach!”

  • Mark Morrison

    “My knowledge of speed, acceleration and Agility has improved since The Coach Academy and I’ve applied this using drills with my client; we’ve seen a great improvement in his speed.”

  • Mike Bentley

    “I was struggling to find a good source of knowledge and a reliable online Strength & Conditioning resource. Science for sport solved that for me.”