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When you work for a sports team, your network of coaches is typically restrained to your small circle of colleagues, plus a few other people you may have met at previous jobs, conferences, workshops, etc.

We believe that to really grow your knowledge and your network, you need to be learning from others who work in a variety of environments, whether that be in other sports, other countries, or working with entirely different types of athletes.

Whatever demographic you belong to (e.g. football coach working with a Premier League team or a triathlon coach working with junior champions), real growth and personal development happens when you connect, discuss, and share ideas with coaches from all corners of the sports performance industry.

Therefore, this community has been specifically built to enable like-minded coaches from all over the world to connect, discuss, and share ideas.

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Ask questions & get help.

Coaching athletes is never a simple job, there’s an unlimited array of problems you’re bound to face, and unfortunately, no one solution fits all. So, the question arises…

Who can you turn to to ask for help or advice?

Again, that’s another reason we’ve built this community of professionals from all corners of the sports performance industry. The added benefit of members being from around the world is that you can have your questions answered 24/7 and almost immediately because there’s always someone awake and online somewhere in the world.

Network. Network. Network.

It’s common knowledge that having a strong network significantly increases your chances of not only getting a job but also getting a very good job. In fact, according to a LinkedIn survey, 85% of jobs are obtained through networking.

The most startling observation of all is that even for the most active candidates, networking is their primary means of finding jobs. This is represented by the two groups of candidates on the left of the graph.

For those who are less active, networking trumps applying directly for a job by a factor of 3:1. For the true passive candidates, the ratio of networking to applying is a whopping 7:1.

Building the strongest network you can by utilising as many methods as possible such as at work, at conferences, mutual contacts, and via online communities is vital for ensuring a long and successful career in sport.

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As part of the Coaches Club community, you’ll get free access to additional goodies.

These include:

✅ Live Q&As with industry experts
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Built on LinkedIn.

Professionalism matters. That’s why we’ve built the Coaches Club community on the world’s best career-orientated social network.

Let’s face it, we use Facebook for personal use, nobody wants to connect and network with potential future employers and colleagues there. On top of that, nobody wants to log in and use private groups built on random software.

Instead, where we want to build our network and grow our career opportunities is on a network that is specifically built for that purpose and already has our digital resume connected to it.

We recommend you download the LinkedIn app for the best experience.

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Meet our Group Manager

Matt Solomon

Matt is a strength and conditioning coach at Team NL (Dutch Olympic Team). He was also the Lead Academy Sports Scientist/Strength and Conditioning coach at Al Shabab Al Arabi FC. For Science for Sport, Matt works as the Group Manager for the Coaches Club and is the host of the Science for Sport Podcast.

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