Bio-banding calculator

This calculator helps you identify your athletes’ maturation status and customise your training and talent recruitment groups to prevent any maturity bias.

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Bio-Banding Calculator

Bio-banding has been used by elite teams all over the world

What is bio-banding?

Bio-banding is the process of grouping athletes based on physical growth and maturation (e.g. height and strength), rather than chronological age (e.g. under-15s).

Advocates of bio-banding believe that restricting the differences associated with maturity variance (e.g. size, strength, and skill) will result in greater equality in training and competition, and could potentially help the development of young athletes and reduce their risk of injury.

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Why is bio-banding important?

Maturation is a well-documented predictor of player fitness, performance, and selection in many youth sports such as football (soccer), baseball, ice hockey, and tennis. Athletes who are more biologically mature have been found to perform better in strength, power, and skills tests.

During football matches, early-maturing boys cover greater distances at high speed and perform more high-intensity actions than less mature boys. These performances create a false environment where early-maturing athletes are more likely to be successful and are thus perceived by coaches and scouts as more talented – which is unfair.

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This free bio-banding calculator takes the difficulty out of grouping your athletes based on their current maturation. It uses scientifically validated calculations to organise your athletes into one of the 4 maturity categories:

1) Pre-pubertal
2) Early-pubertal
3) Mid-pubertal
4) Late-pubertal

All you have to do is enter your data 😁

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Bio-Banding Calculator

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