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Agility is commonly considered a crucial component of sports such as football, rugby, basketball, and hockey. It is, therefore, vital that coaches know exactly how to measure and enhance it and a continual basis.

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What’s included in this mini-course?

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Who is it for?

✅ Strength & conditioning coaches
✅ Sports scientists
✅ Personal trainers
✅ Physiotherapists
✅ Coaches
✅ Athletes
✅ Gym-goers

Gain expert insights into the fundamentals of agility training and explore innovative drills and exercises tailored for athletes of all levels 😁

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Ready to transform the performance of your athletes?

This cutting-edge mini-course is meticulously crafted to empower you with the knowledge and strategies needed to elevate agility performance to unprecedented levels.

🏋️‍♂️ Dive deep into the biomechanics and physiological nuances of agility through our immersive video lessons. Gain invaluable insights into the science behind superior agility performance.

🔥 Explore a treasure trove of agility training methods, including plyometrics, footwork drills, and reaction time training. Learn how to seamlessly integrate these techniques into your training arsenal for maximum impact.

🎯 Master the art of designing bespoke agility programs tailored to specific sports and individual needs.

🎥 Unleash the potential of technology with our guidance on using motion capture and force plates to fine-tune performance and track progress like never before.

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