1: What S&C must learn from other industries | Brett Bartholomew

About this podcast

In episode 1, the coach, best-selling author, keynote speaker, and high-performance consultant, Brett Bartholomew, joins us on the show.

Specifically, Brett will be discussing:

• Whether we isolate ourselves from other industries
• What we can learn from other industries
• What other industries can learn from us
• What the future holds for interaction between industries

About Brett

“I am a strength coach, author, speaker and entrepreneur. Long story short I’ve been a strength coach for over 15 years, I’ve worked with athletes of all ages, predominantly NFL, military, fighters, baseball, but had just as much fun working with high school kids and youth as well. I wrote a book in 2017 called Conscious Coaching, and by the grace of god it took off and became an Amazon international bestseller. That launched into a lot of the work that I’m doing now with corporations and teams, specifically on building buy in or solving people problems. A lot of what I do now aside from coaching is helping people with organisational leadership. How to get people out of their own way, ego, agendas, biases, Machiavellian games, and things like that that go on in elite organisations. Whether that be a sport team or fortune 500 business. I go in and help them solve those problems. I’ve always be fascinated by people. It’s a rabbit hole I go down early and often. Its part of my PhD program, so that’s the gist of it.”

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