168: Why Force Is Essential To Improve Speed For Any Athlete

About this podcast

In episode 168, authors of ‘The Biomechanics of Sprinting: Force 2’, Jon Goodwin and Dan Cleather, join us on the show.

Specifically, Jon & Dan will be discussing:

  • The physiological requirements for running quickly
  • Role of technique in sprinting
  • How sprinting differs per sport
  • Case study: How to improve sprint speed

About Jon & Dan

“Dan is a Professor of Strength and Conditioning at St. Mary’s University and an affiliate researcher at the Institute for Globally Distributed Open Research and Education (IGDORE). As a coach, he has worked with World and Olympic champions in athletics, rowing, canoeing and rugby. His writing covers a range of topics, but is typified by a search for simple fundamentals and a willingness to think differently.”

Jon: “Jon is the Director of Performance Services for the Saudi Olympic Training Center. As an academic, Jon was previously the Programme Director for both the BSc and MSc Strength and Conditioning programmes at St. Mary’s University and his S&C and athletics coaching background spans a wide range of performance levels over the past 20 years.”


Twitter: @dr_jump_uk Insta: @dancleather
Twitter: @Jonnie_Mechanic

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