Peak height velocity calculator

This easy-to-use calculator helps you to test and identify your athletes’ age of peak height velocity (maturity offset) and therefore adapt their training accordingly.

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peak height velocity calculator

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What is peak height velocity?

Peak height velocity (PHV) is simply the period of time in which an adolescent experiences the fastest upward growth in their stature (i.e. the time when they grow the fastest during their adolescent growth). Females appear to experience the onset of the adolescent growth spurt and PHV earlier than males, though males appear to grow more during this period.

The maturity offset can be used to calculate a child’s age of PHV, which is commonly used by strength and conditioning coaches and sports scientists to adapt their training prescription. Thus, understanding PHV and monitoring your athletes’ maturity offset (age of PHV) is highly encouraged. It is also recommended that the maturity offset be calculated approximately 2-3 times per year.

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Why is PHV useful?

Before, during and after peak height velocity, research has found that certain types of training (e.g. hypertrophy, strength, power) tend to be quite sensitive to a young athlete’s development during periods of their growth spurt (Ford et a., 2011).

These periods within a youth athlete’s development are known as ‘periods of accelerated adaptation’ (Lloyd & Oliver, 2012). These periods are opportunities where an athlete can make great improvements in performance. Evidence has suggested that preadolescents benefit the most from high levels of neural activation (e.g. sprint training & plyometrics), whereas adolescents respond better to both neural activation and structural development (e.g. plyometrics and strength training).

By understanding where your athletes’ are in their growth spurt, you can customise their training programme (e.g. skill development, volume, intensity, frequency, etc.) and accelerate their development.

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This free peak height velocity calculator takes the difficulty out of identifying your athletes’ current maturity status and enables you to easily monitor the development of your athletes like a pro. It uses scientifically validated calculations to calculate maturity offset, but don’t worry, we’ve done all the complex mathematics stuff so you don’t have too.

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Download your free maturity offset calculator now and start customising your training prescription like a pro. You can also start grouping your athletes into training groups based on their current biological age. But don’t worry, we’ve done all the complex mathematics stuff for you. So get started today by grabbing your free calculator.

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peak height velocity calculator

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