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What is an effective warm-up?

Warm-ups most commonly last for approximately 10-30 minutes, meaning all desired content must be strategically factored in this short period of time. Though each individual warm-up is short, over a long period of time, such as a 12-week training cycle, the accumulation of a 10-30 minute warm-up each session equates to a huge increase in total training time. For example:

  • A 15-minute warm-up performed 4 times per week for 12 weeks = 12 hours of training time.

Over a 12-week training cycle, the exercise professional can utilise an additional 12 hours of high-quality training time. This further demonstrates the importance and potential of a strategic and effective warm-up.

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How do you optimise a warm-up?

One way to structure a warm-up in order to optimise its effectiveness is by adapting the RAMP protocol and adjusting the ‘Potentiation’ component to have a larger ‘Performance’ improvement emphasis. The strength and conditioning coach may, therefore, direct more attention towards improving athletic performance during the warm-ups, rather than simply preparing them for their session. This method simply attempts to maximise training efficiency and effectiveness.

For example, if the coach’s objective is to educate fundamental plyometric movements and finally progress to high-quality and high-intensity plyometrics, then they may structure the ‘Performance’ section of the modified RAMP protocol towards achieving this goal. Alternatively, if the coach’s objective was to develop speed or agility, then the latter part of the warm-up would simply involve speed or agility drills designed to optimise either one or both of these qualities. 

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warm up guide

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