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Ed Shone

Originally from the UK, Ed received his Bachelor’s degree in Science & Football from Liverpool John Moores in 2008.  After graduating, he moved to New York and, after finishing playing collegiate soccer, graduated from Hofstra University in 2012 with a Master’s in Strength and Conditioning, with a focus on post-activation potentiation in student-athletes.  Ed also completed the NSCA CSCS certification in 2013.

Whilst at Hofstra, Ed co-authored 2 research papers under Dr Adam Gonzalez, Dr Jamie Ghigiarelli and Dr Katie Sell as well as assisting with both research and coaching assignments from the strength and conditioning department at the NCAA Division 1 school, including basketball, lacrosse, softball, soccer and cross country.

Growing up playing football first in the UK and later in the US, Ed has coached high school, collegiate, semi-professional,  professional, and international players.  A former goalkeeper, his focus typically revolves around not only the technical aspect of playing but how to prepare and develop athletes over the long term and educate the players and their families on these approaches.

“Once I realized that playing sport would only go so far, I looked at other ways to stay involved in that environment and at the same time, was able to experience a completely new way of looking at competition in a variety of sports that had never even crossed my mind”.

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