The Gold Standard V̇O₂ Max Training Method?

In this weeks sports science news, the Norwegian 4x4 training method, sports technology for sports fans, sleep quality during competitions.

Eric Curry

By Eric Curry
Last updated: February 26th, 2024
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This week in the world of sports science, here’s what happened…

  • The Norwegian 4×4 training method
  • The evolution of sports technology is revolutionising the sports fan experience
  • Sleep quality before and after competition

The Norwegian 4×4 training method

This Workout Makes Your Heart 20 Years Younger (YouTube)

Chris Williamson, a popular YouTuber, recently released an interview clip with biochemist and “FoundMyFitness” podcast host, Dr. Rhonda Patrick. In the video, Patrick agrees with Williamson’s statement that “V̇O₂ max is the single most important metric when looking at someone’s longevity.” She then talks about an exercise method called the “Norwegian 4×4 protocol,” which involves exercising at the highest intensity you can maintain for four minutes, followed by three minutes of recovery through very light exercise. This interval process is repeated four times.

Patrick also discusses a study involving untrained 50-year-olds who made their hearts “20 years younger” after including the Norwegian 4×4 as part of their training regime. It’s worth noting that the participants only performed the Norwegian 4×4 method once a week during the two years. Williamson and Patrick also talk about other training methods to improve V̇O₂ max, such as long-slow distance training, interval training, and other high-intensity interval methods of training. However, according to Patrick, the Norwegian 4×4 method is the gold standard method for developing V̇O₂ max.

If you’re interested in improving your V̇O₂ max, this video is worth checking out. While more scientific evidence is needed to support Patrick’s admiration for the Norwegian 4×4 training method, recent trends appear to show that high-intensity interval-type training is preferred over long-slow distance cardiovascular training for V̇O₂ max.

The evolution of sports technology is revolutionising the sports fan experience

(Image: Cubo)

Last week, Nicholas Nouri’s LinkedIn post garnered a lot of attention as it discussed the next era of sports technology. The post features an extraordinary video clip showcasing how virtual reality headsets can give sports fans an incredible experience. One expert in the video explains how the virtual reality headset can “mentally transport fans”. It is amazing how technology is progressing to the point where fans can feel like they are experiencing what the players are experiencing.

Besides virtual reality, Nouri also highlights other sports technology to look out for. He predicts that drone flights will become more common to offer fans “dynamic, breathtaking angles that traditional cameras simply can’t”. He also believes that augmented reality technology will make sports games a more interactive experience for fans, blurring the lines between reality and digital.

It’s worth checking out this post as it showcases the remarkable advancements in sports technology for fans!

Sleep quality before and after competition

(Image: Runners World)

Athletes need to have good quality sleep during competition periods to improve their cognitive and physiological performance. However, athletes often face poor sleep quality during these periods due to travelling issues such as jet lag or pre-competition anxiety. A recent study was conducted to examine this issue and monitored the sleeping patterns of 85 male athletes from the Australian Football League and Australian National Rugby League.

Surprisingly, the study found that athletes increased their total sleep time on nights before a competition compared to non-competitive days. On the other hand, after a competition, athletes delayed the time they went to sleep, had reduced sleep time, and had a significantly worse quality of sleep.

This study highlights the importance of effective sleeping strategies before and after a competition. Sporting organisations are now optimising effective sleeping strategies the night before a competition, but there is still a need for effective sleeping strategies after the competition to ensure optimal recovery.

If you are interested in optimising your sleeping strategies, please check out our blog for more information: 8 Powerful Tips to Help Your Athletes Sleep Better | Science for Sport

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