Y-balance test calculator

This Y-balance test calculator helps you to quickly and easily collect the testing data and then analyse your athlete’s performance.

✅ Easily record Y-balance test results
✅ Calculates mean, absolute, relative, and composite reach
✅ Quickly visually limb asymmetries
✅ Built by coaches, for coaches
✅ 100% free

Y Balance test calculator

Velocity-based training technology is used by teams in elite leagues


What is the Y-balance test?

The Y Balance Test™ (YBT) is a simple, yet reliable, test used to measure dynamic balance and a person’s risk of injury. The test can be performed on both the upper and lower quarters of the body. It was developed to standardise the modified Star Excursion Balance Test (mSEBT), improve its practicality, and make it commercially available. Since then, the YBT has gone on to become an extremely popular test due to its simplicity and reliability.

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Why is the YBT useful?

Balance, also known as ‘postural control’, is the ability to maintain a stable position whilst performing a movement. In a chaotic sporting environment, the ability to maintain balance is vital, not only to perform the skill but to also reduce the likelihood of injury. An athlete with a lack of balance can be at a higher risk of injury. As a result, it is very important to test and monitor an athlete’s dynamic stability (i.e. balance) and the Y-balance test allows you to do so.

✅ Understand your athlete’s ability to balance
✅ Decrease their potential risk of injury
✅ Identify any limb asymmetry

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Y Balance test calculator

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This free YBT calculator takes the difficulty out of collecting and analysing your athletes’ scores during the Y-balance test. Instead, you can quickly & easily see your athlete’s performance and get to work straight away adjusting their training programme.

Don’t worry, we’ve done all the complex mathematics stuff for you. All you have to do is enter your data 😁 So get started today by grabbing your free calculator.

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Download your free Y-balance test calculator and start collecting and analysing your athletes’ data today. Armed with this vital information, you can start preventing injury, optimising training programmes, and maximising the development of your athletes.

Download your free YBT calculator ⬇️

Y Balance test calculator

Want to know more about the YBT?

If you’re still unsure about what the Y-balance test is and why it is important for the development of your athletes, then read our in-depth review on the topic ⬇️

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