Modified BASS Balance Test

Lukas Krondorf

Modified BASS Balance Test This test was designed to assess functional jump-landing balance performance. Contents of Article Summary Why is Measuring Balance Important? What is the Modified BASS Balance Test? How to Conduct … Read more


Owen Walker

Squat Jump-Isometric Mid-Thigh Pull (SJ-IMTP) test The SJ-IMTP test is used to measure an athlete’s dynamic strength index (DSI). Contents of Article Summary What is the Static SJ-IMTP test? How to conduct the … Read more

Hydration Testing

William Jardine

Hydration Testing Many forms of hydration testing exist, most of which are discussed in this article. Contents of Article Summary Introduction What is Hydration testing? Why is Hydration testing important? How is Hydration … Read more

Youth Strength Training

Mario Chavez

Youth Strength Training The importance of youths participating in regular strength training. Contents of Article Summary Is strength training appropriate for young athletes? Strength Training and Athletic Performance Strength Training and Health When … Read more

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