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Just some reasons to join our esteemed team

  • With over 1 million yearly website visitors and 400,000+ social media followers, you can build your personal brand.
  • As Science for Sport has significant authority within the industry, having it on your resume will be powerful.
  • With our remote roles, you can work anywhere in the world, whenever you like.
  • Grow your network exponentially to all corners of the world by connecting with our team and members.
  • The fact that 84% of our staff stay with us year-on-year demonstrates just how much our team loves working for us. This is one of the highest retention rates in all industries.
  • Our staff have rated us a 5 out of 5 place to work. With such high levels of staff satisfaction, Science for Sport is a great place to work.

What Roles Are Available?

We have numerous opportunities with huge benefits.

  • Write high-impact articles and blogs which help and educate thousands every year.
  • Review and translate the very latest sports performance research.
  • Spread your work to the masses by creating hugely-popular infographics.
  • Review books, products, and create educational videos for the whole world.
  • Become the host of a podcast.
  • Build industry-loved sports science tools such as load monitoring spreadsheets.
  • Operate our social media accounts and engage with the World.
  • Get involved in a range of things (e.g. content production, networking, PR, etc).

How Do I Join?

Our simple 4-step process below explains it all.

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You complete the form below and submit your interest in becoming part of our team.

Step #2

We review your application and decide you’re a good fit for our team.

Step #3

Once successful, we will keep your details on record and offer you a role when one becomes available.

Step #4

A position becomes available, we chose you to fulfil that role, then you decide if you’d like to accept or decline.

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