Sports Medicine

Sports medicine is the study of the treatment and prevention of injuries in sports and exercise. It is a branch of medicine that exclusively relates to athletes and their participation in sports.

As the world of sports medicine is very complex, our aim is to simplify it so that coaches, athletes, and everybody else can understand how to use it in order to improve health, reduce injuries, and optimise performance in sports.

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Peak Height Velocity (PHV)

Owen Walker

PEAK HEIGHT VELOCITY PHV is the period of time a child experiences the largest increase in stature. Contents of Article Summary Introduction What is Peak Height Velocity (PHV)? What causes the PHV? Why is PHV ... Read more

Cold Water Immersion

Owen Walker

Cold Water Immersion Cold water immersion therapy is becoming an increasingly popular recovery protocol and has been proven to improve recovery for subjective measures, but its effects on objective measures are far less apparent. Contents ... Read more

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Athlete development framework: A how-to guide

Will Ambler

Coaches often use unique approaches as they try to find a way to improve athlete development. However, implementing models and frameworks to develop consistency can be vital, a leading performance and rehabilitation coach says.

Are fascia the missing link in sport performance?

Matt Solomon

Fascia link muscles all over the body and they seem to have a massive role in human movement, even if our understanding is still incomplete. But is it possible to train with these tissues in mind? And if we do, will it improve performance?

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