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As the world of technology advances, coaches and athletes are looking for ways to use these new innovations to increase their chances of success, whether that be winning trophies or setting world records.

As the world of sports technology is very complex, our aim is to simplify the science so that coaches, athletes, and everybody else can understand how to these tools in order to optimise sports performance.

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Velocity Based Training

Owen Walker

VELOCITY-BASED TRAINING Velocity-based training is simply a method of training which uses a piece of technology to track the movement speed of the exercise. Contents of Article Summary What is Velocity-Based Training? Why is Velocity-Based ... Read more

Acute:Chronic Workload Ratio

Ryan White">Ryan White

ACUTE:CHRONIC WORKLOAD RATIO Learn how to monitor training workloads with the acute:chronic workload ratio. Contents of Article Summary Introduction What is the Acute:Chronic Workload Ratio? The 2 Acute:Chronic Workload Ratio Models What can be used ... Read more

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How to unlock high performance on a budget

Matt Solomon

Even amateur-level teams are looking to get the edge on their opponents – ideally, with the smallest possible price tag. The secret most clubs don’t know is that you can develop high performance initiatives for peanuts, even at the lowest levels of sport.

The Best Way to Visualise Testing Data

Parker Teagle

The Best Way to Visualise Testing Data Truly grab coach and athlete attention with Athlete Performance Indexes Contents of Research Review Introduction Athletic Performance Indexes Identifying Key Performance Indicators Weighing Tests An Example … Read more

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