Sports nutrition is the study of nutrients in food, how the body uses those nutrients, and the relationship between diet, health, and sports performance.

As the world of sports nutrition is very complex, our aim is to simplify that science so that coaches, athletes, and everybody else can understand how to nutrition in order to improve sports performance.

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How Much Protein do your Athletes Really Need?

Alex St. John

How Much Protein do your Athletes Really Need? Recommendations for both endurance and power athletes. Contents of Blog Post Determining Protein Requirements Protein Requirements for Athletes Energy Restriction Protein Timing Main Takeaways About the Author ... Read more

Skinfold Calipers

Carla Robbins">Carla Robbins

Skinfold Calipers Considerations and practical recommendations Contents of Blog Post Summary Introduction How does body composition affect performance? What are Skinfold Calipers? How to Calculate Body Fat Percentage Validity and Reliability of Skinfold Calipers Technical ... Read more

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Vitamin D: How does it impact sports performance?

Brittany Johnson

We still need to learn more about how to use vitamin D to improve sports performance but it does seem clear that obtaining sufficient vitamin D can only help improve an athlete’s bone structure, immune system, and potentially muscle health.

Cannabidiol: What is it and why are more athletes using it?

Dr. James Morehen

The use of cannabidiol in sporting circles is only likely to increase. It is an exciting area but it does require more studies to be conducted, and given the risks and red flags associated with CBD products for professional athletes, it is a product many experts suggest staying away from.

Nutrition: What do pro athletes really eat?

Matt Solomon

When it comes to nutrition, it’s easy to assume all the top pros have everything down to a tee, right? In episode 66 of the Science for Sport Podcast, Dr Tom Little reveals that’s not always the case.

Are Sports Drinks Good for Athletes?

Eric Curry

Are Sports Drinks Good for Athletes? A review of the science Contents of Blog Post Introduction The Benefits of Sports Drinks Side Effects Conclusion About the Author References Comments Introduction Over the past … Read more

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