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This easy-to-use calculator helps you start monitoring the workloads of your athletes. Armed with this data, you’ll be able to optimise training and prevent injury and illness.

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ACWR calculator

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What is the acute chronic workload ratio?

The acute:chronic workload ratio (ACWR) is the ratio between how much workload has been done in the last 7 days (acute workload) versus the average weekly workload that has been performed over the previous 28 days (chronic workload). In other words, it is how much work has been performed in the last week compared to the previous month.

The ACWR ratio is calculated by dividing the acute workload (fatigue) by the chronic workload (fitness). For example, if an athlete ran 30km in the past 7 days (acute workload) and in the previous 4 weeks (28 days) they ran an average of 28.5km*, then you would simply divide the acute workload (30km) by the chronic workload (28.5km), resulting in an ACWR of 1.05. In other words, the athlete did 105% of the workload in the past week compared to what they did over the past 4 weeks – meaning a total workload increase of 5%.

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Why is the ACWR useful?

The ACWR helps coaches assess and monitor training load and gain insight into an athlete’s current and previous levels of fitness.

Monitoring the ACWR can help coaches in the following ways:

✅ Understand your athlete’s current workload
✅ Adjust training plans to ensure continuous adaptation
✅ Reduce the likelihood of injury by preventing sudden spikes in workload
✅ Prevent overtraining by monitoring their workload
✅ Help teach your athletes about their physical development

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ACWR calculator

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ACWR calculator

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