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Post-exercise massage has been used for many years as a method to facilitate recovery in athletes, despite the presence of robust scientific evidence to support its effectiveness. There is a lot of published research relevant to massage therapy, a very small portion of which focuses on the use of massage in athletes. Given the current evidence, post-exercise massage may be an effective tool to promote recovery, but not for the majority of reasons it is so often believed too. Acknowledging the popularity of this recovery method, and the substantial lack of evidence, it is highly recommended that more research is conducted to fully understand its uses and limitations.

Maximal Aerobic Speed


Maximal aerobic speed (MAS) is simply the lowest running speed at which maximum oxygen uptake (V02max) occurs, and is typically referred to as the velocity at V02 max (vV02 max). MAS was developed for the purpose of increasing the specificity of training, and to enable coaches to monitor training loads more accurately. There are many tests which can be used to measure an athlete’s MAS, but for many, “corrective” equations must be used to accurately determine their MAS. Coaches need to understand the differences between these common aerobic tests and the corrective equations if they are to accurately measure MAS and prescribe training based on this information.

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