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Carla Robbins

Owner of Vital Strength & Physiology, CSEP-CEP High Performance Specialist, Head Strength Coach for University Calgary Dino’s Womens Hockey, and Mount Royal University Instructor Carla is from Kelowna, BC, and now lives in Calgary as an Exercise Physiologist and performance specialist. She is lucky to work with a handful of Olympians, the Dinos Women’s Hockey Team, and many other clients on a spectrum of performance to pain. This gives her a unique insight into the integrative approach it takes to push boundaries far past the norm. Carla Robbins created her own business called Vital Strength and Physiology between completing her Bachelor’s and Master’s of Kinesiology from the University of Calgary. Vital Strength and Physiology has a foundation built on complex cases, where they attempt to create a clear path for each individual.

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