Isometric Mid-Thigh Pull (IMTP)

Dr. Ian Dobbs

Isometric Mid-Thigh Pull (IMTP) This test is an effective and reliable way to test maximal strength in youth and adult athletes. Contents of Article Summary What is the isometric mid-thigh pull (IMTP)? Why … Read more


Owen Walker

Squat Jump-Isometric Mid-Thigh Pull (SJ-IMTP) test The SJ-IMTP test is used to measure an athlete’s dynamic strength index (DSI). Contents of Article Summary What is the Static SJ-IMTP test? How to conduct the … Read more

Dynamic Strength Index

Dr. Francisco Tavares

Dynamic Strength Index The Dynamic Strength Index, often referred to as the dynamic strength deficit, measures the difference between an athlete’s maximal and explosive strength capacity. Contents of Article Summary What is the … Read more

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