Fitness testing on a budget: why, what and how

For those not working in an elite team, budgets can be slim and the prospect of fitness testing can be daunting. But there are ways around it.

Women in sports: An investigation of strength training methods in men’s vs. women’s football

Women in sports is becoming a topic clubs and coaches need to be more aware of. But while female participation in soccer (football) is booming, much less is known about the strength and conditioning (S&C) support that females get in comparison to males.

Youth athletes: How teachers, coaches and students can best work together

Youth development is highly complex and involves multiple key stakeholders. But how can coaches, teachers and youth athletes themselves best work together?

Cannabidiol: What is it and why are more athletes using it?

The use of cannabidiol in sporting circles is only likely to increase. It is an exciting area but it does require more studies to be conducted, and given the risks and red flags associated with CBD products for professional athletes, it is a product many experts suggest staying away from.

Anaerobic speed reserve: A secret weapon to optimise conditioning?

Adding what is called the ‘anaerobic speed reserve’ to your aerobic test data can help take athletes’ conditioning to the next level.