Force Plates: What are they and what insights do they provide coaches?

Force plates are used to analyse the ground reaction force of athletes during walks, runs, or other physical exercises like jumping. But how do coaches and athletes get the most out of them?

Three key lessons that able-bodied athletes can learn from the Paralympics

Paralympic athletes can teach able-bodied athletes key lessons about the training process, including how to use injuries as a time to make massive physical gains, how to adjust exercises to suit individuals, and how to work together with coaches to get the most out of training.

Cold water recovery: does it actually work (and what about heat)?

In episode 83 of the Science for Sport podcast, one of the world’s leading sport performance scientists reveals the truth behind one of the most used recovery methods: ice and cold water exposure.

Could the ketogenic diet be beneficial for team sport athletes?

The ketogenic diet consists of a high fat, adequate protein, and low carbohydrate intake but limited research has been conducted on the impact of this diet in team sport athletes.

What do strength and conditioning coaches do, and how can you get a job in the S&C industry?

As professionalism in sport grows, so does the team behind the team. Let’s delve into the specifics around strength and conditioning coaches, and how to land a job in the S&C industry.