The Best Way to Visualise Testing Data

Parker Teagle

The Best Way to Visualise Testing Data Truly grab coach and athlete attention with Athlete Performance Indexes Contents of Research Review Introduction Athletic Performance Indexes Identifying Key Performance Indicators Weighing Tests An Example … Read more

Isometric Mid-Thigh Pull (IMTP)

Dr. Ian Dobbs

Isometric Mid-Thigh Pull (IMTP) This test is an effective and reliable way to test maximal strength in youth and adult athletes. Contents of Article Summary What is the isometric mid-thigh pull (IMTP)? Why … Read more


Dr. Jérôme Sauret

Reliability Reliability helps us understand the sources of error and how they affect findings in practice and in research. Contents of Article Summary Introduction What is Reliability? The 3 Types of Reliability Why … Read more

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