Energy availability in athletes: How important is the concept of inadequate energy intake?

Energy availability in athletes is a growing area of focus for sports nutritionists. But how important is the concept of inadequate energy intake for both health and performance?

Women in sports: An investigation of strength training methods in men’s vs. women’s football

Women in sports is becoming a topic clubs and coaches need to be more aware of. But while female participation in soccer (football) is booming, much less is known about the strength and conditioning (S&C) support that females get in comparison to males.

Understanding and approaching the entire menstrual cycle: A guide for coaches

The menstrual cycle is a very real, constant, and ever-changing physiological state that is difficult for a male to understand. What can coaches do to better support their female athletes?

Training load monitoring: How coaches can effectively monitor multiple variables

Training load monitoring and management is an important step in the process of setting up a team or athlete to be prepared for a competitive season.

Talent identification: What coaches are looking for in youth athletes

Despite the plethora of research surrounding talent identification, few studies, if any, have investigated if successful players make consistent improvements in their performance, or start and remain on top of the talent pool.